Thursday, November 23, 2017
Our Trail System

We groom a total of 105 miles. Ride safe, watch for groomers!

Wilderness Willie Trail starts in Effie and heads North/East towards Togo. The 25 mile trail is maintained and groomed by the Snowdrifters, connecting the Effie Connection to the Circle T Trail.

Effie Connection starts in Bigfork, heads North and then connects to the Caldwell Brook Trail which leads to Gemmell, Minnesota (the Blue Ox Trail system.) The Snowdrifters maintain and groom 16 miles of this trail.

Of the Bowstring Trail, the club maintains and grooms a little over 15 miles of trail.

Marcell Trail begins South of Marcell (at the North end of the Soumi Trail) and heads North connecting to the Bowstring Trail, the Cameron Lake Trail (the club grooming and maintaining 14 out of the 18 miles), the Effie Connection and the Bigfork Lions Trail (6 miles of which is the club's responsibility) which is a total of 25 miles.

There are many little 'spurs' that the Snowdrifters maintain and groom also.

Map of trails maintained by Marcell Snowdrifters


Grooming Equipment

We have three pieces of grooming equipment; ASV DX, John Deere Tractor and a New Holland Tractor Your membership helps to keep these hummers on the job. Join today!!

ASV Groomer

ASV New Holland Groomer



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