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April 2011 Newsletter

Minutes from the April 2011 Meeting

Marcell Snowdrifter’s minutes from 4-5-11 @ Riley’s
Regular Meeting Minutes:

Regular meeting called to order @6:35pm by President Mike Hughes

Sign-up sheet indicated 12 members in attendance.

Agenda handed out to all members present. Motion to approve by Sandy and seconded by Grant.

Secretary’s report:

Minutes from 3-1-11 meeting had been emailed based on motion from 11-2-10 meeting indicating that was preferred way to do minutes. Minutes from 3-1-11 needed correction to change Jessie Lake resort to Jessie View resort by Tim Onraet. Minutes approved as corrected and were emailed. Corrected minutes from 3-1 were approved via motion from Archie with a second from Paul.

Treasurer’s report by Sandy Wass:

Current checking is about $15,000.00. Another benchmark payment is due about $13,000 in May. Sandi H. suggested that we give our treasurer a heads up on the bigger bills that may be coming in so Sandy W. can plan accordingly.

Mike H gave the treasury a $10 check from Ray’s Sport &Marine for a promotion from Bombardier. It was our only $10 check because no one else from the club went in and got one. If there is another similar program then Mike will let everyone know.

We need to look at new cell phone programs. We will cancel current programs based on info we get from TracPhone.  Gus is the only one that needs a phone. Savings is x # of phones @ $29.00. Motion to look at TracPhones will be discussed @ September meeting.

Motion to accept Treasurer’s report was made by Paul and seconded by Diane.

Trail report: Jackson said due to the fact that we had a minimum of disasters (with equipment) this season our trail maintenance and costs were less than last year. Jeff Powell is brushing on the Bowstring and also on the Cameron south of Marcell on 133 (behind the Barrett’s). Groom 20 feet back but swamps create problems. Cost is being covered by the $16K grant which expires in June 2012. Back-up grooming plan in place is a third groomer. Trails are closed and most gates are up as Forest Service and DNR do.

Have not yet located old trail permits but also need new ones signed.

Mike will be sure to get the landowner’s liability brochures to Paul Hanson so he can talk to the new landowner’s about their lack of liability.

Short recess called @ 7pm.

Reconvene @ 7:20pm:

Mike gave a MNUSA report----5 issues.

1) Need to be vigilant concerning our dedicated Snowmobiling fund because the Governor and Legislature are looking at ANY source of $$s to pay down the debt.

2) The gas tax rebate: certain groups such as the Minnesotans for Responsible Recreation are working hard to reduce or eliminate those dollars.

3) We need to work to assure public lands stay accessible.

4) Studies show that snowmobile studs do not adversely affect paved trails.

5) Tort liability has been reduced from $1.5M to $1M.

DNR has set aside $500K from the dedicated account to buy easements from certain landowners for potential flooding. Could range from $40 K to $90K each. Need a list of landowners that this could apply to.

MTU (Michigan Tech University) is looking @ E15 for snowmobiles. Study results are due out next fall @ latest.


We need to report any accident that occurs on our trails when aware of it.

This would go to President Mike Hughes or another officer or director. This is due to the insurance thru the Alliance. The insurer needs to know about all accidents.

ICSA is planning for next year’s reception—this year’s went well. As previously reported the equipment vendors want to make this event the premier event foow willr demos because of the location, flexibility and audience present at Wendigo. Vintage ride should grow---28 out of 30 sleds came back from ride.

Summer work: Jim to put together a list of signs needed for trails-----Bob Moore needs a reminder on this. Committee for clubhouse repair etc is Mike, Archie & Gus to work out a plan.

Grants: $30K for capital improvements---brushing etc from DNR

$50K from Forest Service---$900K available—no news yet.

Highway clean-up---Archie says 4-26 with a back-up date of 5-3.

Bigfork Days-6-12 or so—will support as last year with a $100 donation. Moved by Sandy with a second from Paul. Motion carried.

Mike questioned status of our Website. Do we need? Site address is Grant said that Linda Pigman does post info etc. Need to contact her to see how many “hits” we get and what the cost is.

Archie reports that Effie is getting $$ to do street work----how will that affect trails?? Jackson will check on this.

To repeat from March meeting:

These are the off season work projects:

1) Clubhouse

2) Brushing—especially south of Marcell (about 15 miles) and about 13 miles on Cameron

3) Blue signs on north end-Effie area

4) Spur trail to Jessie View Resort

5) Dirt work ---knock down or fill in

6) Permits from landowners need renewing, updating, maybe new ones. (Where are the old ones??)

7) Garage door at Marcell for groomer storage needs help!!

Motion for adjournment was moved by Archie, seconded by Sandy and approved @ 7:58pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandi Hughes, Secretary


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