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February Newsletter 2011

February Newsletter 2011

diesel fuel and whether it is taxable. Since it is bulk fuel delivery and off-road fuel, there is no tax. Treasurer’s report was approved by a motion from Gus and a second from George.

Trail Report: Jackson reported that trails are in good shape. Freezing problems are no longer. We still have grant for brushing for about $14K which is good till 6-/2012. Plans for brushing will include maps being marked by groomers as they do trails. Jeff Powell will groom when can. Would like to make reroute around the bridge on the Bowstring Trail permanent as it is good riding. A request to Mike Martin at the USFS has been sent to consider doing that.
The only groomer mishap was the track came off the Deere but easily put back on. Mike suggested that the drive shaft on the ASV DX needs checking. The Driftskippers had a fire start on their DX that was caused by a broken u-joint on the driveshaft, but fortunately, they were able to put it out.
Gus suggested we get fire extinguishers for the DX and a motion was made by Jane with a second from Archie for all 3 groomers to have extinguishers. Discussion followed about purchase/cost. Bruce Carlson suggested we work with a fellow (name to be provided) that can purchase, install and maintain same. (Note: per Jackson we need to be sure to have magnesium in the mix for in groomer use).

Jane questioned the chain saw training----DNR has decided no requirement for snowmobile workers as this point. This may change in the future.

Mike reported on MNUSA. He said because of the large state deficit the legislature would look at the snowmobile dedicated account. We need to watch this very closely. There was a Legislative rally at the Kelly Inn at 4pm on Tuesday January 25th   that Mike felt was well attended.  Further updates will follow. <br>
The MNUSA Winter Rendezvous will be on 2-11 through 2-13 in Alexandria.

Here’s a reminder about the Alliance reception/dinner on the 25th of February (Friday) at Wendigo Lodge. This is for land owners, volunteers and safety training instructors-----for anyone who is active in working/helping with snowmobiling activities. There will also be groomer/drag demos on (Saturday) the 26th as well as a showing of vintage sleds. These same sleds will also be in Central Square Mall for viewing. Chosen area 5th graders will be awarded a Chamber Bucks gift certificate for winning the winter safety poster contest. There will also be a silent auction to raise $$ for next year’s function. A motion was made by Sandy W. to give Mike H. $50.00 from the club (with a 2nd from Jane) to buy an item to put in the auction.

Per Mike, the White Oak Classic organizers advised the race went very well!

Per Sandy Wass, Snowmobile safety training on 1-22 at Marcell also went very well with 27 students in attendance. Sandy, Archie, Peggy, Grant, Paul H. and Mike Fairbanks from the DNR did the training and all students passed with flying colors!!! Good job to all!! Gus brought a groomer to the training for the kids to see and do some “hands on” with!!! Good idea!!

Mike H. will send out an email for the weekend get-away:
The snowmobile weekend get-away is at Fortune Bay Resort February 18th through the 20th. Some will ride from the Marcell area and some will drive. A block of 10 rooms have been set aside for the club. Any questions please contact Jane Hillstrom via email at or at 218-743-3658.

Mike and Jim Jackson attended the Marcell Town Board mtg tonight, 2-1, to discuss trail reroute around the Town Hall. Except for a stop sign and a directional arrow sign needing to be placed everything is fine.
Jane reported that Jack believes we need a blue hospitality sign on trail when entering Effie so riders know where to get gas, food etc. in Effie. We may also need one of the same because of Marcell reroute for riders to find the Frontier. Jackson believes there are some “blank” ones at the clubhouse.

Sandi H. has updated the rough draft in Excel format listing our landowners and a roster of current members. It has been broadcast emailed to members for input, additions and corrections. The document will need to be kept updated. Zona has agreed to update and get it as current as possible. We need to get invites out to the landowners for the Alliance Reception on the 25th of this month.

We have bridge work as well as brushing, gates and dirt work. We have a grant for $16,000 for trail brushing work that is good until June, 2012. Mike reports that the USFS has stimulus $$ available for the above types of work. We will request an additional $25K to be sure we will get enough funding to cover all our needs. Mike also reported on a company in Wisconsin that does prefab bridges. Jane ?’d  need engineering specs? Mike will check with DNR.

Tim reported that Jessie Lake Resort is hosting a fishing tournament on Jessie Lake on 3-5. Questions should be directed to Tim or Rita @ 218-832-3678 or

The next meeting of the Marcell Snowdrifter’s will be on March 1st at the Marcell Family Center at 6:30pm.

The 4-5 meeting will be dinner (on our own cost) at Riley’s. Some business but lots of fun!!!

Gus reported purchasing a bulb for the New Holland groomer at the DR O’Rielly’s. They suggested opening a charge account. Gus will get application to Mike for officer signature to open. This will make life easier for our groomer operators.

Motion for adjournment was moved by Sandy, seconded by George and approved @ 7:42pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandi Hughes, Secretary


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