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February 2011 Newsletter

February 2011 Newsletter

March 1st, 2011- The March club meeting will be held at the Marcell Family Center. Meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Our club ride to Fortune Bay in Tower, MN had twenty people in attendance.  Twelve people drove their sleds to Fortune Bay.  We had a nice potluck Friday evening. Saturday we drove to Ely and ate a late lunch.  Saturday evening we enjoyed a wonderful dinner buffet in the Tamarack room. Sunday nine sleds drove home. It was a wonderful weekend! We had a few sleds break down this year; a big THANK YOU to Grant for picking them up in Ely for us!
We should be receiving our second benchmark soon and also a $7500.00 grant for trail maintenance and brushing.
The trails have a good snow base but are a little icy due to a few very warm days.  After riding in Ely and Tower I am very proud of how well marked our trails are!  If we would’ve had an accident I wouldn’t have known how to tell someone where we were! (Very scary!) There is some room for improvement on our trails for Marcell and Effie for food and gas.  Those will be ordered and put up.
February 25th- The Alliance reception/dinner is at the Wendigo Lodge. This is for landowners, volunteers, safety training instructors, and anyone who is active helping or volunteering with snowmobile activities. There will be a silent auction and Mike Hughes will purchase something to represent our club.  They need to get a head count for dinner so if you are interested please contact Mike Hughes. There will be a groomer/drag demonstration as well as vintage sleds.
March 5th, 2011- Jessie Lake Resort is hosting a fishing tournament. This tournament is to aid the Deer River Schools extracurricular activities. Any questions contact Tim or Rita @ 218-832-3678, 218-832-3678, or

April 5th –The April club meeting will be held at Riley's at your own cost.  Some business but lots of fun!!!!
Happy sledding see you at the March 1st meeting!!!!!!!!!


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