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January 2011 Newsletter

January 2011 Newsletter

Marcell Snowdrifter’s minutes from 1-4-11 @ Effie Cafe

Regular Meeting Minutes:
Regular meeting called to order @6:17pm by President Mike Hughes
Sign-up sheet indicated 14 members in attendance.

Secretary’s minutes: Minutes from 11-02-10 meeting had been emailed based on motion from 11-2-10 meeting indicating that was preferred way to do minutes.

Since neither Sandy Wass nor Erin Johnson was present to do a treasurer’s report President Mike Hughes agreed to do so. There is $21K in assets and a $95K in total liabilities-current liabilities are around $20K. Our January benchmark is due any day which is approximately $21K. There is some confusion concerning where we are at with the treasury----Zona, Sandy and Erin will work out with President Mike.

Trail Report: Lack of frozen swamps/wetlands continues to be a problem for the groomers. Bowstring and Cameron are good---Wilderness Willie is also good. There is some brushing needed. Jackson says brushing in deep snow is not possible. Mike H. says should have grant money applied for and available for brushing when we can. Jackson says we have enough money to pay Jeff Powell at his hourly rate of $49. Reroutes are coming up. Michelle Heiker looked at the Ritter reroute last spring. Plants etc will also need evaluation before reroute can go through. I t could be as long as 2 years. The Wilderness Willie needs a couple of blue trail signs.

Mike reported on MNUSA. He said because of the large state deficit the legislature could look at the snowmobile dedicated account. We need to watch this very closely. There is a Legislative rally at the Kelly Inn at 4pm  on Tuesday January 25th. The weekend of January 8th is the snowmobile ride for military Veterans. It will cost $200/veteran to cover all associated costs. Paul H. made a motion to donate $200 to support a rider; Jackson seconded. Motion passed.

Per Mike, the White Oak Classic organizers advised will not need our Club support for the White Oak Sled Dog event. Jackson said should try to do some grooming on the County Rd. west ditch. Gus and Jackson said the ditch by 45 is not good. Grooming will take place on the Friday before the event. There are 85 dog sled entries. The Alliance is hosting a Snowmobile Festival reception/dinner for volunteers, instructors, club officers and land owners. The winners of the 5th grade winter safety poster contest will be recognized and receive their prizes. <br><br>
Here’s a reminder on snowmobile safety training on 1-22 at Marcell. Any questions contact Sandy or Archie Wass or by phone @ 218-743-3635.

The snowmobile weekend get-away is at Fortune Bay Resort February 18th through the 20th. Some will ride from the Marcell area and some will drive. A block of 10 rooms have been set aside for the club. Any questions please contact Jack or Jane Hillstrom via email at or at 218-743-3658.

Sandi H. introduced a rough draft in Excel format listing our landowners and a roster of current members. It will be broadcast emailed to members for input, additions and corrections. The document will need to be kept updated. <br><br>
The bridge north of Marcel needs widening. We have a grant for $5900 that will run out on 6-1-11. We have another grant for $16000 for trail brushing work that is good until June, 2012.

The next meeting of the Marcell Snowdrifter’s will be on February 1st at the Marcell Family Center at 6:30pm. <br><br>
Ten dozen directional “arrow” signs were ordered but didn’t come in. Need to check with Bob Moore on status. <br><br>
Adjournment moved by Archie and seconded by Jackson @ 7:42pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandi Hughes, Secretary


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