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December 2010 Newsletter (2)

December 2010 Newsletter (2)

Marcell Snowdrifter’s Christmas party minutes from 12-12-10 @ Richie’s in Marcell<br>

Regular Meeting Minutes:
Regular meeting called to order @4:14pm by President Mike Hughes
Sign-up sheet indicated 42 members in attendance.

Secretary’s minutes: Minutes from 11-02-10 meeting had been emailed based on motion from 11-2-10 meeting indicating that was preferred way to do minutes.

Welcome new member Jack Schultz. He is available by ‘snail mail’ at 444630 E. Bowstring, Deer River, MN 56636. <br>
Also welcome our new treasurer assistant Erin Johnson and husband Travis.
Erin will work very closely with Sandy Wass and do most of the behind the scenes ‘work’ to keep our financials in line like Zona has done for the last several years.

Brief report on treasury info--- per Sandy Wass. We have between $20K and $21K in account. We have obligations of $18K+ for our groomer payment in January and also owe $7K to T & T and money (?) to Jeff Powell. We will get another benchmark payment in January so will be OK.

Itasca County Snowmobile Alliance sponsored Itasca County Snowmobile Festival is at Wendigo Lodge February 25.

Club voted to support the White Oak Sled Dog event. Grant and Peggy McDougall will coordinate functions at Effie garage. Sandy Wass has key and will give to Grant for above.

Here’s a reminder on snowmobile safety training on 1-22 at Marcell. Any questions contact Sandy or Archie Wass or by phone @ 218-743-3635.

The next meeting of the Marcell Snowdrifter’s is January 4th at the Effie Café at 6pm. Nancy Carlson will call to make arrangements.

Correction for the 11-2 minutes the ‘gasket’ that Grant replaced was on the entrance door and not on the refrigerator.

Adjournment moved by Sandy and seconded Sandi @ 4:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandi Hughes, Secretary


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