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October 2010 Newsletter

October 2010 Newsletter

Annual Meeting
The Snowdrifters’ Annual Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 18th. Wine and cheese will be served at 6:00pm during the social hour at the Loggers Inn in Bigfork. The meeting will begin promptly at 7:00pm, with guest speaker Michelle Heiker, Recreation Planner from the U S Forest Service as our speaker. Zona Kinn is the Chair for the event.

 It is dues paying time. Enclosed or attached is a Membership Application. If you have received this by email, please print the application form, complete it, and bring it to the meeting along with your payment. If you received by mail, you can skip the printing step, but can also bring the completed form to the meeting. Your dues must be paid before you will be eligible for the $200 drawing for the annual club snowmobile weekend trip; and they must be paid for you to be eligible to vote at the election at the annual meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting, please mail your dues as soon as possible to Marcell Snowdrifters, PO Box 41, Marcell, MN 56657. If you wish, your check can be written for a larger amount as an additional contribution to the club.

Bring a potential member to the meeting or invite a seasonal cabin owner to join by forwarding this message to them. We appreciate new members even if they are not able to participate in meetings or work on the trails etc.

We have not set a date or location for the annual club snowmobile weekend trip. But, we are having a drawing from the list of paid members for $200. The winning person or couple will receive their $200 on site at the event. We will draw a second place and third place winner, so that one of them can attend if the first prize winner cannot. Jane and I have been attending this event for many years and a good time has been had by all attendees. Details will be sent in the newsletter when they are available. We are looking for new chairperson for this event. Any volunteers?

By-Law Changes
The board has recommended that the dues remain the same as last year. The by-laws currently read that the annual meeting shall be on the second Monday of the month or within ten days before or after said date. The by-laws also state that the regular membership meetings must be held on the second Monday of the month. The by-laws also read that no officer can be compensated for their services except for reimbursement of expenses. The by-laws also read that we should elect an Assistant Trail Coordinator as a backup to the Trail Coordinator just as the Vice President is a backup for the President. Please see the attachment for recommended By-Law changes.

The officer and directors election will be held at the annual meeting. The positions available are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Trail Coordinator and Director. Jack Hillstrom has been President for two years and is not seeking reelection. Archie Wass is the incumbent Vice President and has agreed to run again for the same office. Zona Kinn has been Treasurer for many years and is not seeking reelection. Jim Jackson is the Trail Coordinator, and with a few changes in responsibilities he has agreed to run again. Mike Hughes is a director and will seek election. Candidates can be nominated from the floor; however, the candidate must agree in advance that they will accept the position if elected.

Jeff Powell is out brushing trails. Grant McDougall, Zona Kinn and others are working on installing directional signs throughout our trail system. Jim Jackson and Bruce Carlson are busy working on Re-Routes. The grooming equipment needs some fine tuning and all three units will be ready to go. One of our largest problems is to avoid going thru the thin ice on marshy areas of the trails especially early in the season. We will be discussing that at the meeting. We have some bridge repairs to do before the trails open on December 1st.

Re-certification of Snowmobile Safety
Instructors Mike Hughes will update us on the requirements and the availability of training on October 22nd at the Sawmill Inn as part of the MnUSA Fall Workshop.

Highway 286 Clean-up
About 20 volunteers showed up on Tuesday, October 5th, and very rapidly and thoroughly cleaned the 4 ½ mile stretch of highway ditches on 286 between Marcell and Talmoon. They enjoyed hamburgers afterwards at the Timberwolf. Thanks to Chair Archie Wass and all his helpers.

Landowners/Christmas Party
Sandi Hughes and Diane Hanson have agreed to chair the December party which replaces our regular monthly meeting. They are looking for one more volunteer. Please contact either of them at the annual meeting.

This is the last newsletter I will be writing. Thanks for reading, listening and participating. I have enjoyed being your President for the past two years. <br><br>

Jack Hillstrom,

Suggested Changes for By-Laws
Section3. Dues, Family Membership Fee (First year New Member)-$25.00 Fee, which includes membership in Minnesota USA. Renewal of Membership-$25.00 (Which does include Minnesota USA) All dues must be paid within 30 days of notification. The anniversary date for all members shall be October of each year. For non-payment of dues, a member may be dropped from the Club and may be reinstated as any other new member. Suggested Change: The Board of Directors may change the dues structure and membership categories from time to time with written notification.

 ARTICLE V  Meeting of Members Section 1. Annual Meeting, The annual meeting of the members shall be held on the second Monday of October, in each year, beginning with the year 1993, for the election of a Board of Directors and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the meeting. The date of the annual meeting of the members Suggested Change: can be changed by the Board of Directors to any date in the month of October as long as the proposed date is announced at the preceding September general membership meeting. Eliminate (shall in no event be changed within ten days next preceding the date on which the annual meeting is to be held unless consented to in writing, or resolution adopted at a meeting, by all members entitled to vote at the annual meeting.) If the election of Directors shall not be held on the day designated herein for any annual meeting of the members, or at any adjournment thereof, the Board of Directors shall cause the election to be held at a special meeting of the members as soon thereafter as conveniently may be. Section 4. Meetings, will be held monthly. The meeting will be held each second Monday of every month (Unless otherwise specified). Suggested Change: General membership meetings will be held monthly on the second Monday of every month; however, the Board of Directors can change the meeting pattern at will.

ARTICLE VI Board of Directors Section 6. Compensation, Directors shall receive no compensation for services performed Suggested Change: except that the Board of Directors may hire an employee at a reasonable rate to carry out the Treasurer’s responsibilities and author and send the newsletter. Said employee may become a member of the board at the Board of Directors discretion. The Board of Directors may grant Directors, Officers and Committee members reasonable reimbursement for expenses incurred in carrying out their duties.

ARTICLE VII Officers Section 10. Assistant Trail Coordinators,(Two) In the absence of the Trail Coordinator, or in the event of his or her death, inability or refusal to act, the Assistant Trail Coordinators shall perform the duties of Trail Coordinator, and when so acting, shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions upon the Trail Coordinator. The Assistant Trail Coordinators shall perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned to him or her by the Trail Coordinator or by the Board of Directors. Suggested Change: If one or two Assistant Trail Coordinators are not elected at the annual meeting, the Board of Directors can appoint a member(s) to those offices.


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