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September 2010 Newsletter

September 2010 Newsletter

It is time to THINK SNOW! The first general membership meeting of the 2010-2011 snowmobile season will be held on Monday, September 20th at 6:00pm at the Timberwolf, Highway 38 at Jack the Horse Road, 832-3990. We will order from the regular menu.

Please make a special effort to attend the first meeting so we can bring you up to date on many snowmobiling issues. We encourage you to bring along potential members so they get a chance to meet many of our fellow members.

Your current club officers and directors are:
President Jack Hillstrom Term Expires 2010 Next Term Expires 2011
Vice President Archie Wass Term Expires 2010 Next Term Expires 2012
Treasurer Zona Kinn Term Expires 2010 Next Term Expires 2012
Secretary Sandi Hughes Term Expires 2011 Term Expires 2011
Trail Coordinator Jim Jackson Term Expires 2010 Next Term Expires 2012
Director Mike Hughes Term Expires 2010 Next Term Expires 2012
Director Grant McDougall Term Expires 2011 Term Expires 2011

Zona has done a superb job for many years; she has decided to not run for reelection. My term is also up and we are seeking a candidate for the President’s office. The normal two year term is reduced to one year, so that the responsibilities will go back to the correct rotation. I returned to nearly full time work in the Twin Cities in September 2009 making the responsibilities at the club increasingly difficult to handle; so as of the end of October, 2010 I will no longer be President. Archie Wass will be seeking re-election as Vice President in October.

Jim Jackson will be unable to attend the first meeting, but he has agreed to seek re-election as the Trail Coordinator providing that we can change a few administrative duties around, which I think are attainable. Mike Hughes term also expires this year. Sandi and Grant are holdovers until 2011. Elections are scheduled for the annual meeting in October. Jim Jackson is working on the re-routes, Jeff Powell is brushing many miles of trails, the blue and white directional signs will be installed prior to trail opening on December 1st and we are pondering how to handle packing down the swamps in the early part of the season.

The New Holland tractor groomer is in the Marcell garage ready to go except for installing tow hooks. The DX, our back-up groomer, is also in the Marcell garage ready to go. The John Deere is in the Effie garage awaiting some minor repairs, but on the whole, our equipment is in good shape.

Several club members manned our booth at the Bigfork Wilderness Day festivities and parade on June 12th. The club contributed $100 to help fund the celebration.

The Bigfork Valley Challenge ½ Marathon was held on September 11th. We made additional repairs to the one mile stretch of the Marcell-Bigfork Snowmobile Trail between Farm Camp Road and Jingo Lake Road to accommodate the long distance runners.

We need volunteers to plan for the Annual Meeting in October and another group for the December Landowner/Christmas party. 

Enjoy a night out! Join us at the Timberwolf on Monday, September 20th at 6:00pm, and bring a friend or two.

See you there!
Jack Hillstrom,
Other contacts: Archie Wass, 743-3635,;
Zona Kinn, 743-3666,;
Sandi Hughes, 218-999-7241,;
Jim Jackson, 832-3861;
Mike Hughes, 218-999-7241,;
Grant McDougall, 832-3963,


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