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November 2009 Newsletter

November 2009 Newsletter

Come and join us at the next General Membership Meeting next Thursday, November 19th at 6:30pm at the Marcell Family Center.
There will be a short Directors.. Meeting at 6pm prior to the regular meeting.

Our trails will be open on Tuesday, December 1st If we have enough snow. Assuming normal snow conditions, we would like several volunteers to ride the trails on December 1st or as soon thereafter that snow conditions permit, to pack down the trails to create a base for the groomers especially in the wetland areas. Come to the meeting to find out how we may pay you for the fuel you need to do this early riding.

Speaking of groomers, the New Holland Tractor Groomer has been ordered, so we are now at the mercy of the manufacturing
plant for the expected delivery date. We will order the new drag after the November 19th directors meeting. Bank financing is
arranged for 100% of the purchase price of the new tractor. We will receive grant funds up to $75,000 shortly after that and
substantially reduce the bank indebtedness.

Trail coordinator Jim Jackson has had several people out working on trail maintenance and signage. The re route around theMarcell Town Hall is not yet complete and Jim is still working on the ..Ritter.. re route.

Elections were held last month at The Stuffed Moose, Loggers Inn meeting. Your officers for next year are: Directors-Mike
Hughes and Grant McDougall, Trail Coordinator-Jim Jackson, Secretary-Sandi Hughes, Treasurer-Zona Kinn, Vice President-
Archie Wass, and President-Jack Hillstrom. Congratulations and welcome to newcomers Grant McDougall and Sandi Hughes.

Big THANKS go to Ray Hubbard and Jane Hillstrom for their many years of service on the Board of Directors!

The new furnace has been installed in the clubhouse, but the remodeling project has not been started yet.

We need two volunteers as soon as possible to handle the December Christmas Party/Landowners Dinner. Please email me at or call Jane at 743-3658 for details.

We have started working on the Winter Weekend and will discuss details at the next meeting. Highway 286 clean up was done
on October 20th thanks to Archie Wass and many volunteers who completed the task in one hour and capped off the evening
by having dinner at the Timberwolf.

Have you paid your dues yet? If not, go to our website at, click on snowmobiling, then on Marcell Snowdrifters. You
can print a membership application from the web site. If that doesn..t work for you, contact one of the board members and we
will make sure you receive an application. Encourage others to join. We need more members to spread the tasks and
responsibilities that we have taken on.

We will have Mn USA fund raising calendars available at the next meeting. Sell some for the club at $20 each or buy one for

Join us at the next meeting: 6:30pm, Thursday, November 19th at the Marcell Family Center. We have a lot of planning to do!<br><br>
See you there.
Jack Hillstrom, President, , 743-3658
Other contacts:
 Archie Wass, 743-3635,;
Zona Kinn, 743-3666,;
Sandi Hughes, 218-327-3231,;
Grant McDougall, 832-3963, <br>;
Mike Hughes, 218-327-3231,;
 Jim Jackson, 832-3861


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