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December 2009 Newsletter

December 2009 Newsletter

Marcell Snowdrifters Christmas Party and Landowner’s Dinner
The Marcell Snowdrifters cordially invite our landowners to have dinner with us at the club’s expense.
When: December 13, 2009
Time: 3:00 pm
Where: Riley’s on Hwy 6
Chicken and ribs cooked to perfection by Riley’s chef.
Cash bar
Door prizes
Please RSVP to: Nancy Carlson at 832-3872 or email at
We start out with vegetable hors d’oeuvres. Dinner includes ribs and chicken, salad, roll, dessert and beverage with meal
We hope you can join us. We appreciate what you do for our club and for all snowmobilers.

Newsletter ~ December 2009
The main news of the day is that our Christmas Party and Landowner’s Dinner will be held at Riley’s Cannibal Junction on Hwy 6 at 3pm, Sunday, December 13th. The cost is $12.50 per person including gratuity (Pay at Riley’s), and there is no charge for landowners. We start out with vegetable hors d’oeuvres. Dinner includes ribs and chicken, salad, roll, dessert, soft drink beverage (coffee, tea, etc) with meal. Cash bar. Please RSVP by Monday, December 7th to Nancy Carlson at 832-3872 or so that Riley’s can obtain a head count. The landowners are receiving a separate invitation with the newsletter attached. Like always, there will be many door prizes. We usually have 40 to 50 people at this party. Join us 

~ Get Ready~
Trails officially open December 1st.

Trail report:
A big “Thank you” goes to Jim Jackson, Brad Frank, Jason Ritter, Jeff Powell and the Wilderness Wheelers for their diligent work getting the trails cleaned and properly signed.

The re-route around the Marcell Town Hall will be finished in the next few days which will eliminate the risk of grooming next to the park fence. Last year we damaged the fence and had to repair it. The Wilderness Wheelers have volunteered to work on the Lion’s Trail (planned for Sunday, November 29th) and have it ready for our riding season.

With the warm weather this fall we will have a slow start getting across the swamps and wet areas with our heavy equipment. Last year we had a problem with breaking through the ice several times, and thus far, it looks like that may happen again. I repeat from the last newsletter: if snow conditions are right, we will want volunteers to ride their snowmobiles in the early season to ride and pack down the trails so that the base will be established, making it safer for the groomers to run the wet areas on the trails. We will be providing fuel up to $25 for each rider, honor system, who participates.

We are hoping to have the New Holland tractor with Soucy tracks and our new Trailmaster drag delivered in the next week or two. We will have the John Deere and the DX serviced and ready to go for the first part of the grooming process.

Maybe we will have enough snow by the 13th so we can drive the new groomer to Riley’s so you can personally inspect it. THINK SNOW  <br><br>
Thanks to Sandy Wass for taking charge of the Snowmobile Safety Training class. We will post the dates later.

Zona Kinn, our treasurer, reports that we have ample funds to handle our needs this season. However, without the help of volunteers like Gus Carlson who is adding on to the Marcell Pole Barn Garage to accommodate the new groomer and drag, our budgeting would be horrendous.

Thanks to our new director Grant McDougall who has volunteered to take charge of a membership drive starting with ads in the local papers. Do you have any ideas how we can persuade out of area riders to join the club even if they cannot participate in meetings and volunteer work? The trails do not take care of themselves. We do and we are going to be running thinner in our budget because of the increased payments on the new groomer.

Speaking of membership, did you remember to pay your dues? If not, please mail your check for $30 single, $40 household, or $100 Business to Marcell Snowdrifters, P O Box 42, Marcell, Mn 56657. We will send you an application by return mail or you can find one on our web site at

WINTER WEEKEND IN FEBRUARY. We are still attempting to find a hotel, motel, resort, that can reasonably accommodate our group the weekend of February 19, 20 and 21 in the Grand Marais area. If someone has a connection there let us know. The $200 prize for the Winter Weekend was won at the last meeting by Grant and Peggy McDougall. Congratulations  Make sure that we have your email address so that when we have all the details we can send information to you right away. Email your address to if you want to be included. This is an annual event that is worth your time and money. Join Us 

See you at the party on Sunday, December 13th.
Jack Hillstrom, President <

Board of Directors Contact Information:

Vice President Archie Wass 743-3635,

Treasurer Zona Kinn 743-3666,
Secretary Sandi Hughes 327-3231,

Trail Coordinator Jim Jackson 832-3861

Director Grant McDougall 832-3963,

Director Mike Hughes 327-3231,


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