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September 2009 Newsletter

September 2009 Newsletter

It is time to THINK SNOW
The first general membership meeting of the 2009-2010 snowmobile season will be held on Thursday, September 24th at 6pm at Riley’s Fine Food & Drink at 46551 Riley Rd, 832-3656.
We can order from their regular menu, with the special on Thursday being hamburgers at $4.
Please make a special effort to attend the first meeting so we can bring you up to date on many snowmobiling issues. Bring along potential members so they get a chance to meet many of our fellow members.

Jim Jackson, our Trail Coordinator, will be unable to attend, but he will update me on his various projects next weekend and I will give his report.
We successfully requested a re-route of the Marcell-Bowstring Trail from the intersection of Highway 38 and Marcell Town Hall Road to near our clubhouse on Northwind Road. You probably recall how narrow the trail was along Highway 38 next to the ball field fence. That section will be eliminated and temporary orange fencing will be installed to remind riders that there is a new route to Frontier Sports for fuel and food. The new route will be on the south side of Town Hall Road, thru the wooded area on the south side of Town Hall, follow the grassy area behind Marcell Town Hall, then return to the wooded area near the clubhouse, and meet the original trail. A spur will be created along Northwind Road in front of the clubhouse to Frontier Sports. If you see Diane Coppens, Anthony Prato or Bruce Petersen in your travels, please thank them for their cooperation. The construction will probably take place in October.

Your current club officers are Directors Ray Hubbard and Mike Hughes, Trail Coordinator Jim Jackson, Treasurer Zona Kinn, Secretary Jane Hillstrom, Vice President Archie Wass and President Jack Hillstrom. Zona and Jane have indicated that they would like to be replaced at the next election which will take place in October. They have served the club well in their current positions for many years and would appreciate some relief. My term is also up and I would welcome a new qualified candidate for the President’s office. If no one offers this year, I will agree to run for one more year. I have returned to almost full time work in the Twin Cities so these responsibilities have become more difficult, but manageable. Think about joining the board 

We have placed an order with Mn USA for blue and white directional signs as shown in the photo below. They should arrive in early October. Itasca County Land Department personnel will be traveling all of the snowmobile trails in Itasca County with GPS equipment so that they can disseminate information about where to place the mile markers. We hope to place an extra mile marker sign on each stop sign post so that whenever you run into a road, emergency personnel can be told your exact location. We also hope to find a volunteer or two that will purchase decals with road names that can be applied on each stop sign on the trails. Lots of work, but it is very important.

We are about to purchase a new tractor groomer for this season. We have been awarded a $75,000 federal grant, but must cross a few t’s and dot a few i’s before the deal is complete. We look forward to a new bank loan with First State Bank of Bigfork, Jef Fisher, to make it possible. Thanks to everyone, especially Mike Hughes, for making this possible. Pictured on the next page is the demo New Holland Tractor/Groomer we tried out last March. We still need to address expansion of the pole barn at Marcell to accommodate the new groomer, and we must take down a few trees on Marcell South Trail to make room for the new groomer.

We should have a new furnace installed in the clubhouse before the end of the week. Other improvements are still pending.
The Bigfork Valley Challenge ½ Marathon was held on September 12th. Ten of the long distance runners took advantage of our freshly mowed one mile stretch of the Marcell-Bigfork Snowmobile Trail between Farm Camp Road and Jingo Lake Road.

Jim Jackson is also working with the Forest Service on the Ritter re-route trail just south of Marcell. We hope to have that completed before the season is underway.
We need volunteers to plan for the Annual Meeting in October and another group for the December landowner/Christmas party.
Enjoy a night out  Join us at Riley’s on Thursday, September 24th at 6pm, and bring a friend or two.
See you there
Jack Hillstrom, President
Other contacts:
Archie Wass, 743-3635,;
Zona Kinn, 743-3666,;
Jane Hillstrom, 743-3658,;
Mike Hughes, 218-327-3231,;
Ray Hubbard, 743-3814,;
Jim Jackson, 832-3861


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