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April 2009 Newsletters

April 2009 Newsletters

Our final general membership meeting of the 2008-2009 season will be held at Richie’s on Friday, April 17th starting with Attitude Adjustment at 6:00pm, with dinner ordered from their menu at 6:30pm.  The business meeting will begin when we are finished with our meals, about 7:15pm.  Richie’s would like to get a head count, so please either email us at  or call at 743-3658, voice mail is fine.

Happy Spring!<br>
Snow again ~ just like last year; too late to help our trails which officially closed April 1st.

We have some good news about our application for a grant for a new groomer. We are still in the running. We won’t know the outcome for a couple of months or more.

We continue to research the new groomer purchase anticipating that we will receive the grant for up to 50% of the purchase price maximized at $75,000.  There may be some modifications necessary to the Marcell Garage if the purchase is approved.

We are hopeful that the clubhouse will be remodeled this summer in time for the 2009-2010 first meeting in September. Gus Carlson and Archie Wass are working on the project and will be soliciting help from some of you at a later date.

Jim Jackson is working on a re-route on the Marcell South Trail.  We will be discussing options at the April 17th meeting.

Think about becoming more active in the Snowdrifters and also invite a friend to become a member.  The election for new officers will be held at the October meeting.  Think about becoming an officer or director to allow some of our long time volunteers to retire from their responsibilities.

We are going to attempt to do a lot of brushing and pruning on our trails before next season, and if we are able to purchase the new groomer, it will be necessary in some spots to widen the trails.  We probably will be looking for volunteers to help with these chores. It’s a great opportunity to “play in the woods”.

We’ve been members of the Marcell Snowdrifters for many years and remember the conditions of the trails in the past 30 years. The improvements over the years have been wonderful to say the least, “Thanks” to our crew and the hard work involved in the building and maintenance of the trails. We have a great bunch of guys who work hard trying to keep everyone happy. The reports we received this year about our trails have been very good.<br>
Thanks again to our trail crew and volunteers.

We attended the Region 2 annual meeting at the Swampsiders’ club house and observed that the membership is aging and thinning out across the board. We need publicity geared to entice younger people to take up the responsibilities of keeping snowmobiling alive and replace some of our older members who are tired and are dropping out.
Maybe it’s an unknown fact that keeping our trails open and being able to use them is an ongoing project which takes a lot of dedication and work, and keeping in contact with landowners and legislators. There are many people out there who would like to shut us down. As our club memberships are aging and declining, our voices are getting softer.

If the younger people want to keep snowmobiling and keep the trails already in place open, they had better stand up and do something about it.

Without snowmobile tourism, many of the rural businesses may fail.

See you Friday the 17th at Richie’s

Jack Hillstrom


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