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March 2009 Newsletter

March 2009 Newsletter

The end of the snowmobiling season for our trail system is April 1, 2009.
Last year we received heavy snowfall after April 1st which did not help our season at all. This year, thus far, we received 5-6 inches on March 2nd and 3rd which helped extend the great riding season. Looking out the window today, it looks like our 2008-2009 snowmobiling season is over

This year was one of the best snowmobiling seasons in recent memory, probably since 1996. Our very competent trail coordinator Jim Jackson and his crew, Gus Carlson, Barry Pigman, Bruce Carlson, Brad Frank and Adam Ortman did an outstanding job grooming our trails, even though there were many repairs needed on the DX and the John Deere.

We are researching the purchase of a new groomer and have applied for a 50% grant with a maximum grant available of $75,000.  Everything looks good and we should receive final approval in June.

We were in snowmobile heaven with our abundant early and heavy snow cover and well groomed trails.  Harsh reality has returned with the meltdown and lack of snow, but our trails are in great shape compared to the southern part of Minnesota.  We need new and plentiful snow.

Peter Lulich of Lulich Implement in Mason, Wisconsin made arrangements for us to try out a new New Holland 4 Wheel Drive Tractor with four Soucy tracks on Friday, March 6th.  We, Jim Jackson, Gus Carlson, Barry Pigman, Mike Hughes, Doug Widen, treasurer from the 38ers, and I met Don from Lulich at the Laurentian Divide parking lot at 10am.  Archie Wass met us on the trail about 11am.  Jim, Gus and Barry took turns driving the New Holland rig with Don in the co-pilot seat, from the Laurentian parking lot to Richie’s parking lot.  Everyone was pleased with the grooming performance on our most demanding trail.  We completed the demo by 2pm.  Depending on the extras, the price on the demo unit varies from $135,000 to $140,000 plus the drag. We are researching other units also.

The ASV DX required approximately $10,000 in repairs this season, and because of its age, will require more repairs next season.  The John Deere tractor needs to be repaired within the next two weeks to ready it for next season.  The plow needs to be reinstalled, the tracks need to be tightened, the cable for the winch needs to be replaced and it needs a good wash job.
Overall, we are satisfied with the major expenditure where the track system was replaced in December, 2008.

Joyce Estate Club Ride, Sunday, February 22nd
Paul and Diane Hanson led our group from the Marcell Clubhouse to the Joyce Estate for a tour, then on to the Wilderness Pub for lunch and back to the clubhouse. The lakes and trails were in good shape and we had a good time.

International Snowmobile Hall of Fame (ISHOF) February 27th & 28th
We attended the Friday Hospitality Evening at the Timberlake Lodge and sat next to Rick Schultz, the landowner adjacent to and north of Richie’s.  We invited him to join the club and he has done so.  Thanks Rick   I attended the groomer demonstration on Saturday and tried out the demos provided by Piston Bully, Tucker and New Holland, which lead to the New Holland demo mentioned above.

Jim Jackson is working on the Ritter re-route, but nothing definite has been decided yet.

Think about becoming a club officer at the election in October.  The Secretary, Treasurer, and President positions will be open.  Jim Jackson, trail coordinator would like to have a member take charge of the grooming operation, but he would continue his duties in re-routes and new trails, and back up the Assistant Trail Coordinator.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, March 24th at 6:30pm at the Clubhouse.  A directors meeting is scheduled for 6pm immediately prior to the regular meeting.  Everyone is welcome to both meetings. In April we will hold our winter wrap-up meeting either at a restaurant or at someone’s home.  We will attempt to send the newsletter earlier in April with details so you can make plans.

Jack Hillstrom


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