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December 2008 Newsletter

December 2008 Newsletter

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Greetings from your new president!  Pray for Snow!

John Deere Groomer
We are on the road to recovery regarding the John Deere groomer.  We have negotiated a contract with Marcel Grooming & Equipment to replace the track system on the John Deere Tractor with a steel cleated system.  It should be in good shape in two or three weeks with the help of Jim Jackson and crew.

We need volunteers to help Gus and Archie repair and/or remodel the clubhouse interior.  Call Gus at 832-3872 to help out.

Jim Jackson, Gus Carlson, Erick Joutsi , Ray Rautio, Terry Zaspel, Mark Hoffman, Tom Pearson and others have almost completed preparing our trails for this season.  Jim Jackson has completed the re-route around the Nick Kinn property. Mark Hoffman and Tom Pearson have been working on the Bowstring Trail cutting downed trees and brush. Thanks everyone for all your dedicated hard work!  We appreciate it.

Winter Weekend-Annual Ride
There are more details in this newsletter about the upcoming event.  Try to join us.  Some of us will ride sleds from Marcell to Ash River on Friday, January 30th returning on Sunday, February 1st.  Others will pull their rigs to Ash Ka Nam.  We will share food and drinks at the Pot Luck party Friday night, go for a trail ride on Saturday, have a dining experience at Ash Ka Nam Resort Saturday night and probably go for another ride Sunday morning before returning home.  These events are always enjoyable.  Join us!

Email Address
Please provide us with your email address if you haven’t already.  It makes communications a lot easier.
Send your email address to Jane Hillstrom, .

January Club Meeting
The regular meetings have been changed to the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm at the Clubhouse.  The directors meet at 6:00pm prior to the regular meeting.  You are welcome to attend both meetings.  I urge you to participate.  The January meeting is on January 27th.  Mark it down!<br><br>~ Jack Hillstrom ~ President

The Christmas party and Landowner’s Dinner was held at the Timberwolf Sunday, December 7, 2008.The food was great and we had a good time. Thanks to Nancy & Gus Carlson, Diane Hanson and Midge Carlson for putting together a great party.  The winner of the $200 drawing for paid members only, for the Ash Ka Nam Club Weekend on January 30th is Yvonne Elkins. The second name drawn was Kermit Linder.  The third name drawn was Tom Pearson. The prize is not transferable.  So if Yvonne chooses not to go, the prize goes to Kermit.  If he chooses not to go, the prize goes to Tom Pearson.  If he chooses not to go, the club retains the prize.  If Yvonne, Kermit or Tom has questions, please call Zona Kinn.

Our club has decided to install radios provided by the county in our groomers for communication and safety. The groomer operators will also carry cell phones. We will determine which system works the best, but possibly keep both systems. The Snowdrifters groom 103 miles of trails.

Winter Weekend:
Friday, January 30, 2009, we will be heading for Ash-Ka-Nam on the Ash River for a fun weekend. For those who will be riding their sleds up, we will meet at Richie’s parking lot Friday morning at 9:00 am. We will be leaving there no later than 9:30 am.
I will include a map to our destination in the January Newsletter.
Call Ash-Ka-Nam for your reservations. 1-800-950-1081
or e-mail at:
I have included a letter with directions and prices.

Winter Rendezvous:
Weekend of Friday, February 13, 2009 at Ruttger’s Lodge on Sugar Lake near Grand Rapids. Thank you to the people who have volunteered to be ‘greeters’ at this event.

We won’t know when the governor’s ride will be till the last minute.

So far ~ so good. The lakes are freezing over smoothly. Now ~ all we need is to be ‘dumped on’ by a big snowstorm.

Jane Hillstrom ~ secretary


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