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May 2008 Newsletter

May 2008 Newsletter

Happy spring to all!  I hope you all have your vehicles dug out from under our spring snowfall. It’s too bad our snow came so late. Maybe we should investigate the possibility of keeping our trails open till
June 1st.

May 13, 2008 we will be cleaning Highway 286 between Marcell and Talmoon.
We will meet at the Laundromat parking lot and go from there. We need you! We also need someone willing to drive up and down supplying bags, picking them up and giving our workers rides back to their vehicles when they need it.
Where: Laundromat parking lot
When: Tuesday, May 13th
Time: 5:30 pm
After clean-up we will be meeting at the Timberwolf Inn to have hamburgers for those who are interested.

Thanks to all who attended our joint meeting with the Wilderness Wheelers. Working together and with the proper agencies, it will take a long time to establish any trails that would be conducive to multi-use travel.. There are swamps to cross, private property to contend with, and other restricted areas we need to avoid.  We need to appoint a three person committee to work with a similar committee that the Wilderness Wheelers are forming.  We hope to use the Highway Cleaning night to discuss and appoint the new committee members.  Both clubs are considering concentration of efforts in converting the trail between Marcell and Bigfork as the first joint usage trail.  Archie Wass is representing our club on two different
exploratory committees which have been formed to investigate joint usage of trails.
Some of our trails need to be re-routed.  Trail Coordinator Jim Jackson is working on the relocation of the Marcell trail crossing the Jason Ritter property, and the trail crossing Nicolas Kinn’s property. We also have swamps on the Effie connection and the Wilderness Willie trails that need our attention.
Jim’s dedication to these tasks is greatly appreciated.

The lawsuit involving Charles Vogel Enterprises, Inc concerning the warranty on the John Deere Groomer may be settled in the next two weeks.

We need new members and we need someone to step forward to become President of our club. Have you considered becoming active and running for the several positions that will be open in October?
We need to have volunteers for the Secretary, Treasurer and Directors positions also. Consider stepping up to the plate and running for office.  You will enjoy your time on the board.

The next general membership meeting will be September 8, 2008 at the clubhouse.

Jane Hillstrom, Secretary <br>218-743-3658 ~~~~~~~~


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