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April 2008 Newsletter

April 2008 Newsletter

Spring social with The Wilderness Wheelers as our guests:
Hamburger Basket Dinner
 We will have a short business meeting after dinner involving a discussion with the Wilderness Wheelers about combining our trail resources.
When:   Friday, April 11, 2007
Where:  Logger’s Inn
Time:    6:30pm   Social Hour  (dinner at 7:00pm)
Cost:     Dinner cost will be paid by the Marcell Snowdrifters
Cash Bar
Please:::::::::: RSVP

Jack or Jane Hillstrom…………..218-743-4658
Ray Hubbard…………………….218-743-3814
Archie Wass……………………..218-743-3635

We would like to have an estimated number of attendees to help the chef do his ordering.

We have retrieved our files from the attorney who has been representing us regarding the John Deere groomer. Jack Hillstrom agreed to pursue a lawsuit in conciliation court in Minnesota, if possible, or Wisconsin.  The maximum amount of the suit is $7,500.00.  We continue to communicate with MGE of Canada to spend approximately $10,000 for a new track system design. Marcel Grooming Equipment has indicated, in a phone call on March 15, 2008 with Ray Hubbard, Archie Wass, and Jack & Jane Hillstrom that they will be ready to replace the wheel system on our groomer in late August.

We will be setting a date for the Highway 286 spring clean-up.
Our final trail report will be on the agenda.
Ray Hubbard says the President’s position is open.  Please step forward and volunteer.  You will find the position busy and enjoyable.  The State of Minnesota has a new grant system for 2008 and we will be busy, with club approval, attempting to use some of our trails for ATV’s in the summer and Snowmobiles in the winter.  More funds will be available because of the dual usage.

See you Friday, April 11th at 6:30pm at Logger’s Inn for the joint meeting of the Marcell Snowdrifters and The Wilderness Wheelers.

Jane Hillstrom, Secretary


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