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March 2008 Newsletter

March 2008 Newsletter

A big “Thank you” goes to Jim Kelich for his time spent as president of our club, his participation in the trail coordinating, machine maintenance, and grooming. He resigned and will be returning to Indiana to guide the contractors repairing storm damage on his home. Good luck, Jim.<br>
We are hoping to find someone to take his place soon to finish out his term.

The ‘Winter Weekend’ at Kec’s Kove was a lot of fun as usual. We had fifteen in attendance with 5 of us riding our sleds up and back. It was below zero when we left for the weekend and when we returned on Sunday, the trails were melting in 42 degree weather. The trails were beautiful the whole weekend. This weekend is proving to be a good choice for weather. The Valentine 3 day weekend has been way below zero for three years in a row. Also, the resorts are demanding that we take 3 nights instead of 2 on President’s weekend.<br>
Kirk Hillstrom was the lucky winner of the weekend this year. Congratulations, Kirk.

It was warm, and I was having such a good time that I didn’t notice that the padding on the chin guard of my helmet was missing. I don’t know if I picked up the wrong helmet (Blue graphic Polaris) or if the padding fell out. If anyone who was on the weekend ride has an answer for me I would appreciate it. (Jane 218-743-3658)

Special request: If you have an e-mail, please get it to the secretary, Jane Hillstrom.
It would also be nice to have everyone’s telephone numbers so we can make up a list of names and numbers for members to contact each other. This weekend proved the case. We had a missing person on our ride.

The John Deere has the same old problems, but we are hoping that we can get the manufacturer of the wheel and track system on the job by August, so we will have a good running groomer by next season. It will cost the club some money, but the board has agreed that there are no other options.
The death toll in MN is below WI, but it sure would be nice to see the numbers drop more. Lack of training, speeding, and alcohol are the top causes of accidents involving personal injury and deaths. There’s no room for rudeness out on the trail. Sign up a new member, and encourage training. Remind people that snowmobiles are powerful vehicles with laws applying, not a back yard toy.

We will be doing some re-routing on our trail system this summer. Jim Jackson will be the contact at:
218-832-3861. He’ll need help, so give him a call to see what you can do.

The MRR is at it again. (Minnesotans for Responsible Recreation) They are lobbying to take away our gas tax credit of 1% that goes into a dedicated fund to help pay for trail maintenance. See the attached Senate File Number 3087 to read what they want eliminated, and then write a letter to your legislator to appose the bill. Another case of ‘special interest’ groups overstepping their boundaries. Amendment #3087 will affect all motorized recreational vehicles.

The Hall of Fame reception is at 5:00pm, Friday, February 29 and dinner will be March 1, 2008 at the Windigo Lodge (South of Rapids)

The picnic at the Laurentian Divide has been canceled…………….          Jane Hillstrom………………secretary


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