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February 2008 Newsletter

February 2008 Newsletter

The dogsled races were successful. The mushers used our facility in Effie for an overnight stay. The Saddle Club provided refreshments for them so we are donating $100 to their club to thank them for their efforts.

We are asking our club members to think about nominations for awards. The awards will honor  people who have contributed to the sport of snowmobiling in a manor above and beyond the call of duty.
The awards will be: Unsung hero, Snowmobiler of the Year, Family of the Year, Dealer of the Year, and of course, The Shop was nominated for this honor, and finally, Club of the Year.

Our membership has dropped drastically this year. We need to get out there and recruit members, and/or get our dropouts back into the swing of things. We need the power of numbers and voices to keep our trails connected and open, and to keep MNUSA operating with support and membership.

Rutger’s Lodge will host a meeting of the Forest Legacy Partnership planning. February 2nd, there will be a ride starting at the Swampsider’s club house at 10 am with 2 parts; one for slow riders, and one for fast riders.

Jack and I took a little trip up to the Arrowhead Trail system and found the trails to be in great shape Friday, but pretty worn thin on Sunday. We need more snow. We stopped at Kec’s Kove and met the owners, Vivian and Larry, and checked it out. I sincerely think we’ll have a great time up there in February. Kec’s Kove is 113 miles from Turtle Lake, so I’m guessing 125 miles from our club house. Anyone riding their sled up there will meet at the club house at 9:00am on Friday, Feb. 22nd. Or meet at the Effie Café at 10:30. We’ll stop there on the way. 
We are thinking about having a second weekend ride in March. We stopped at AshKaNam, and they offered a cut in rates to get us up there. The resorts along the North Trail system need the business. Anyone interested?      “Jack or Jane” at 218-743-3658 –

Yup  Jack is waiting for us at Kec’s Kove.

Another goal is for us to open up communications between clubs in District 2. I will be sending newsletters to our neighboring clubs.
We are planning to have a rendezvous with our neighbor clubs at the Laurentian Divide in March. We need to set the date for it.


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