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January 2008 Newsletter

January 2008 Newsletter

Happy 2008

A letter from our president, Jim Kelich:

What a great party. Anyone who missed out … Oh, so sorry.  Also, I should have introduced myself to a few I didn’t know. But, what a great time. Thank you, to all those who put everything together. Man, oh man what a turn out.
Thanks to Jackson, Gus, Terry, Mike, Bob and Eric for helping out with the trails. Have been out riding along with Mike and getting them packed. We need more help and ride slow. I need to finish up 10 miles on the Willie trail. It is passable, but there still are a few deadfalls that will be pushed out with the groomer. Terry and I have had to replace many signs again up here on the north end. I did not know that there is a ‘season’ for hunting signs. (? ?)
December 8, Jackson and I went to Morris, MN to check out the new wheel for the John Deere. I have called a board meeting. Word will be out soon.
Jane repainted the signs for me that go out in Bigfork and Effie. They look really nice. Some people around town have even taken notice of them. Thanks, again, Jane.

Looking forward to the dog sled race. Chuck told me they have 400 dogs, and 99 mushers, and have been turning more away. The Effie barn will be used during the race for whatever is needed of it.
Everyone knows my term as president is up. I would like to have someone step up to the plate. Now would be the time so I can help them along. I am considering turning in my resignation at the end of this season.
I am heading South to spend Christmas and New Years with family and friends.
A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and your families.

Our club is not functioning as it should. Our meetings are sparse in attendance; we are having a hard time getting members to become involved and standing in to help run the club. Our trail system is being threatened by land acquisitions and new restrictions, so we need to stick together. There are people in this club who have devoted a lot of their time and would like to step aside for someone else to put in their efforts. Are there any suggestions out there that would help build the club up to a better participation of members? Solutions and participation work better than complaints.
If you have a solution to getting our club to operate better, call a board member::::::
Volunteer for an office, or attend our meetings. We would appreciate your input.
President:    Jim Kelich     – 743-6544    Vice president:   Ray Hubbard   – 743-3814
Treasurer:   Zona Kinn      - 743-3628     Secretary            Jane Hillstrom – 743-3658   
Director:     Jim Oestriech – 743-3326     Director:             Gus Carlson     -  832-3872

Safety training::

Will be held Saturday and Sunday, January 19 and 20 at the Bigfork High School. Please call Brian Buria 743-3170 or Jim Kelich 743-6544.
We all wish to thank Midge Carlson, Judy Carlson, and Dianne Hanson for putting our Christmas party together, doing the artwork for the invitations, soliciting for door prizes, and getting things organized. The Logger’s Inn and Joe Landis did a fantastic job of putting together a wonderful evening. “Thanks again”


The guys have been out working on our trails so we should be in good shape.
The board held a special meeting and agreed to have Marcel Grooming Equipment replace our wheel system on the John Deere groomer. We will need to spend some money, but we agreed that there are few other options.

Winter Weekend:
February 22, 23, and 24th. Please reserve before January 15th.
It will be held at Kecs Kove on Lake Kabetogama. It’s about 100 miles from here so the option to ride our sleds is within our boundaries. If we decide to ride, we can meet at the club house Friday morning about 9:00am. The telephone number for your reservations is on the brochure included in this mailing.

Congratulations to:
Tom and Donna Schaar in winning the $200 toward the weekend. We hope you can make it. If you are not going to be able to attend our winter rendezvous, we would like an answer so our runner up, Kirk Hillstrom, can make plans.
Jack and I hosted the Friday evening pot luck munchies, so we would like to have it in one of the other cabins this year. Let me know…….. Thanks
The weekend is always a lot of fun.

Dogsled races:
January 11, 12, and 13th.
Starting Friday night will be a spaghetti dinner at the White Oak Center to “meet the mushers”; all 99 of them. They will be using our trail system, so watch for them.
Saturday morning White Oak will serve a pancake breakfast from 7 to 10 am with the races starting at 10 am running up to Effie with an ‘overnight’ at our facility there, down to Bigfork, then ending at the Marcell Community Center Sunday evening with mushers coming in late afternoon till whenever the last one comes in.
 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all 
Jane Hillstrom………Secretary or 218-743-3658


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