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October 2006 Newsletter

October 2006 Newsletter

It is that time again! After a wonderful summer of sun, heat, and no rain we should be welcoming in the fall and winter with open arms. A multitude of things are on our agenda and are all very important.

October 8 - Highway Clean-Up

Meet at Marcell Café, 12:00 if you want to eat lunch, 1:00 clean-up begins!
This only takes 2 hours or less, if we have plenty of volunteers. Bags and orange vests are provided.

October 9 - Annual Meeting
Loggers Inn Bigfork - 6:30 Wine and cheese - 7 Meeting
Drawing for the Annual Ride - A place has yet to be determined for the annual ride and all suggestions are welcome.
Membership dues are due at this time to be able to be in on the drawing for the $200 voucher for the annual ride.
Election of officers - Officers to be elected are: 1 director, secretary, and vice president. All positions are for 2 years. Please inform Jim Kelich if you are interested in serving our club. If everyone takes a turn it is not a burden on anyone. Businesses in the area are urged to participate so that we can get some input from you. Guest Speaker - Elmer Cone

December 16 - Annual Christmas Perty
The Christmas Party will be at Richie’s Marcell Inn on December 16. It was decided to do it again on Saturday as we had a really good attendance last year. More details will follow in the November newsletter.

Monthly Alliance Meeting

We are in need of people to attend the monthly Alliance meetings. We could take turns if necessary so some volunteers are needed for this task. These meetings keep us informed of what the county, MNUSA, and other clubs are doing.

Anyone interested in snowplowing for the club should contact Jim Kelich (743-6544). We want to offer this job to members first.

We should have the MNUSA calendars available for purchase at the Annual Meeting. Remember, those are the ones that award a prize of at least $25 a day and only a limited number are printed. Many of our members have been former winners. The sale of calendars stops about mid December so that we have time to mail the necessary info to MNUSA before the January 1 deadline.

MNUSA Annual Rendezvous
The Annual MNUSA Rendezvous will be held in Fergus Falls, February 8-11. Anyone willing to go should contact Jim Kelich for all the details.

Jim Jackson will head up the trails committee this year. He will have a north and south crew and Jim will take care of all the paperwork. Some volunteers may be needed to help clear trails. Thanks to Mark Hoffman who has already done some of the clearing on the Bowstring end.

Sled Dog Races
The White Oak Society will again be hosting Dog Sled races again in January and it will be bigger than ever. Some of our trails will be used for the longer race. Mary Jean Ogee has all the information on starting and ending times with one race ending at the Family Center in Marcell.

Please get your membership sent in as soon as possible so that you are eligible for the drawing, or better yet, attend the Annual Meeting and bring it with you!

Jim Kelich


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