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November 2006 Newsletter

November 2006 Newsletter

From your president,
Thank you to all who attended our annual meeting. A great big “Thank you” to Archie, Daniel and Mark Wass, Paul and Diane Hanson, Zona Kinn, and my girlfriend Tawny for their help with ditch clean up. “Thank you” to Gus and Jane for retaining their positions with the club. Also, “Thank you” to Ray for being our new Vice President. “Thank you”, Ken for all your help in the past.
Last year is a thing of the past. The groomers’ being down, the getting stuck and so forth. Break downs happen. Hopefully, this year Mother Nature will be nicer to us. So let’s put last year behind us and look forward to this season. There is help out there should a groomer go down.
Mr. Vogel has picked up the John Deere! I will be checking on the progress. I showed the driver our list of other things that need fixed as well. He assured me that Mr. Vogel will be made aware of what I was referring to when we spoke last.
Let’s all have a safe and fun season.


Our annual meeting at the Logger’s Inn was held Oct 9, 2006. We were served wine cheese and crackers. Elmer Cone was our speaker with information on where to apply for money for our future projects. We need someone in our club who is willing to take a class in ‘grant writing’ and pursue the endeavor. There are funds out there for our use. We groom 115 miles of trails and have many people from other areas enjoy our trail system. There are clubs around the Twin Cities that don’t have any trails to groom and would be a possibility for approaching for grants.

Congratulations to Ken and Judy Truebenbach, the winners of the $200 weekend drawing. We are looking forward to our winter weekend with you.  

Winter weekend: Silver Rapids Lodge near Ely on Kabetogema Lake, looks like a good place to congregate and have a good time. We will have the run of the lakes, we can have our dinner “together” in a banquet room, and we can have facilities with several bedrooms, or small cabins and motel suites. I am thinking of either the weekend of January 26 – 27 – 28, or February 9 – 10 – 11. I am trying to avoid known conflicts with member’s previous commitments. There is still time to push the dates around, but I’m thinking the weekend in February would be best. Each person will be making their own reservation to be sure that they will get the amenities they desire. Last year, we spent the coldest weekend of the year running around Lake of the Woods late in February, thinking the weather would be warmer later in the season. It was 34 below zero!!!!!!!!!!!

Offices for the board were nominated and elected.

Ray Hubbard accepted the nomination for Vice President. Thank you, Ray, and welcome to the board.
Board members are:
Jim Kelich……………President
Ray Hubbard…………Vice President
Zona Kinn……………Treasurer
Jane Hillstrom……….Secretary
“Gus” Carlson……….Director
Jim Oestreich………..Director
Jim Jackson ………..Trail Coordinator
We will have two crews; one for the south trail system, and one for the north system
Each crew will report back to Jim Jackson on trail conditions and maintenance.
If anyone complains to any of you about the trail stickers, explain to them that the money is going back into the clubs for trail maintenance. Gas, repairs, and manpower aren’t cheap. With the increase in gas prices, the increase in funds is more than welcome.

If you see any damage to our trails from ATV or 4x4 travel, please document it and report it to the Sheriff’s Dept. (If possible, take pictures)

Our MNUSA calendars didn’t arrive on time for our annual meeting, but will be available at our Christmas party.
Our Christmas party will be held at Richie’s on Saturday, December  16th. A special invitation will be sent out to all land owners.

MNUSA Annual Rendezvous will be held in Fergus Falls, February 8 –11.

SLED DOG RACES: Mary Jean Ogee has all the information on starting and ending times with one race ending at the Family Center in Marcell.

Nancy Carlson stepped in and produced the October newsletter for Jane. Thank you so much Nancy. I am repeating some of the information from the October newsletter, but wish to remind members of some events.
I’m hoping to have a “good” computer set up soon.

Jane Hillstrom………Secretary        (218-743-3658) or e-mail…
Jim Kelich…………...President (218-743-6544)


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