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April 2006 Newsletter

April 2006 Newsletter

Highway 286 Clean-up………

May 2, 2006,Tuesday evening at 5:00 PM… Meet at Hayslips in Talmoon
See you there!!!!!!

We are still hoping someone will come forward and be the main person responsible for the trails. Jim Jackson has offered to do the paperwork, so much of the workload has been relieved, but we need a “boss”…(willing workers are in place)

The trail sticker still seems to be an issue not understood by all. There are still unanswered questions with answers yet to be worked out. It’s a new fund that will need to be adjusted for proper distribution to clubs.

We are getting money from the fund, but we don’t know how much we will be allowed in the future. Of the snowmobiles registered, over 100,000 have not purchased trail stickers.
There are three places the money is used.
1.Obtaining easements
2.Trail maintenance

Minnesota has 21,000 miles of trails, of which the Marcell Snowdrifters are grooming approximately 115 miles.

There are approximately 279,000 snowmobiles registered in the state, with membership in MnUSA not much over 14,000. We need people joining clubs and participating in keeping our trails open and maintained. It takes work and commitment to keep snowmobiling alive.

Any ideas for the parade in Marcell and Bigfork this summer will be appreciated. We would certainly like to be represented.
Again the dates are:
Marcell centennial ------------- July 22nd and 23rd
Bigfork Wilderness Celebration – June 10th
We finished up the season with an enjoyable evening at the Timberwolf Inn.
Have a great summer!!!!!!!!!


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