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March 2006 Newsletter

March 2006 Newsletter

And…..Was it Cold?!?!                        Happy Spring!!
April 25, 2006, is our next, and last, meeting for the season. We will be meeting at the Timberwolf at 6:30 PM for dinner in hopes that we will get a good turnout. Many issues need to be discussed and decided. We are hoping to wrap up the year with some volunteers for future activities.<br><br>
Bigfork will be having their Wilderness Celebration June 10th. We are hoping to have a float, or a running groomer to be in the parade.  We need to decide if we want to have a booth of some sort. We will need volunteers to put this together and work it.

Marcell will be celebrating their Centennial July 22nd, and 23rd. We will be participating in that event as well. Again… We will need volunteers to put it together, and work it.
Any suggestions or ideas on these events are welcome.
My e-mail address is: I will pass any information on to the other board members.
Otherwise, you may contact any of the board members with ideas, or willingness to volunteer.

We still need someone to organize pictures.

Mike and Michelle Treppa will be resigning. We need a trail coordinator, and an assistant trail coordinator to replace them. We also are taking applications for someone to run the groomer.
Education is the key to safe trails!

There were 18 deaths, and 256 personal injuries reported as of March 1, 2006. These are needless accidents. Three things were the major factors; alcohol, speed, and night driving. I might add one at this point; Inexperienced drivers. One tends to get over confident and over drive their skills and headlights.

As Jack and I rode our little ‘trek’, we witnessed people on the wrong side of the trail, going too fast for conditions, spinning into corners, and not hand signaling properly. The percent of “hot shots” is probably around 10% to 15% of the sleds out there, but it’s a growing epidemic of rudeness. One of our groomers reported that as he was grooming a trail, two snowmobiles came around a corner too fast, one slid, and as the snowmobile was coming toward the groomer sideways, he put the blade down so the rider wouldn’t end up getting hurt on the machine. The snowmobiler slammed into the blade, righted himself, and took off again at a high speed. The other snowmobiler sped by the groomer and kept going. Good thing the groomer thought fast enough to avoid serious injury or death.

Jim Kelich has contacted Charles Vogel at the dealership where we purchased the John Deere groomer to request that they come up and get the John Deere groomer and either repair it permanently, or come up with another solution.

We will be discussing the groomer issues at our April meeting.

We all want to thank Mike and Michelle Treppa for their participation in our club and the hard work they did on our trails. We will miss them and wish them luck in their move back to Texas. Good luck you guys!

Thanks to all the people who devoted time and effort toward club activities and jobs. Especially those serving on the board, and those who show up at the meetings.

The snowmobiling season seemed so short this year; I’m surprised that it’s ended.

Have a great summer.



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