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February 2006 Newsletter

February 2006 Newsletter

From your President:
A wonderful time up North, but, what a cold start. How cold was it? Real cold. I want to thank Barry Pigman and Mike Elhardt for looking after me there and bak. We must have been in Barry’s words, the three stooges.
Lake riding is cold, but Paul can make a great brandy. After riding, of course! Thanks to Paul and Diane Hanson for putting up with Tawny and me.<br>
Down to business, we need a trail coordinator. As everyone is aware, Michelle Treppa is resigning April 1st, due to Mike’s health problems. Anyone who is willing to take the job, be at our next meeting. Also, I would like Officers and Board members to be present a few minutes early. We need to discuss the John Deere.
P.S. Jane Hillstrom gets the “oops” award.....Got film?
I get the booby award....Frost bite.<br>Thank you...........Jimmy

Jane’s Scribbles:
The annual Snowdrifter’s weekend at the Sportsman’s Lodge was a lot of fun with 25 in attendance. The below zero weather just had to step in for our big weekend outing, but we still rode 39 miles out to Oak Island for lunch. Three of our members rode up there from Effie, and were almost frozen stiff on arrival.<br>Our hats are off to you!!!!!!
March 18th, the Sportsman’s Lodge will be having a Rally at Oak Island. Check it out at their website.
A bit of news from the Hillstrom’s ride up to the North Shore. We encountered many riders, and some antique sleds. It was interesting visiting with them, and getting a view of different brands of sleds. We talked to a few people with 2006 sleds, and found out that more than one brand has hard seats. I wish the manufacturers would quit bragging about “soft ride” when they put foam in the seats that are likened to the ones that went under water and froze. When we got home, our grandson had not had enough riding, so he stayed and went for a ride with us to Chisholm on an overnight. After he left, Jack and I rode up to Two Harbors, up to Grand Marais and back. We went through 2 snowfalls, and had a beautiful ride. We covered over a thousand miles. Most of the trails were groomed and easy to ride, but it was nice getting back to our “home” trails. “Thanks” to our groomers!

The weather is a big factor. If you hear someone complain about the trails, please explain to them that cold weather makes it possible to groom the trails properly. If the weather is too warm, the snow clumps up and doesn’t smoothout under the groomer. Also, we heard that proprietors of businesses along the trails are hearing complaints about the trail stickers. Clubs are already benefitting from these funds, and help pay for the increase in gas prices. These trails, and their maintenance, are not free!

Again: We need to come up with a plan to keep our landowners happy to keep our trail systems open, whether it be a tax break, or some other type of compensation.

Food for thought. Should we agree to allow ATV use of our trail systems during the summer?
The annual White Oak sled dog race including 64 teams went from Deer River to Northome. Next year they would like to include Effie, Bigfork, and end up in Marcell, using our trail system. We agrees to promote the race and allow them to use our trails. They are hoping for over 100 teams. Chuck Ogee looks like the typical “musher” with his cute hats. (Where’s your dogs, Chuck?) This could be a lot of fun for all of us.

We regretfully accept Mike and Michelle’s resignation as trail coordinators. We appreciate their talents and hard work. Thank you!


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