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January 2006 Newsletter

January 2006 Newsletter

From your president
What a year to take over. We have spent a lot of time on the trails attempting to clear them of debris. It’s a never ending job. Let alone, all of the complaints about the trails being rough and not groomed. I have told many of you, if you see a piece of wood on the trail, please stop and throw it off the trail.
The track on the DX was torn and needed to be replaced. Barry found a used one. Jeff, Jay and myself spent one morning changing it out. Now the Bowstring has been groomed. A great big “Thank you” to Barry Pigman for running his butt off grooming. Mike Treppa has had some health issues. So, thanks again to Barry and Jay.
 Some parts of the trails have not been groomed. It would take too much fuel and a lot of road travel to get around the beaver ponds, let alone, man power. So, I ask you to bare with us, as we are doing the best we can.
 “Thank you” to all of you who attended the January meeting. You all know who you are. I hope to see more of you, as I need the input you have. My number is 743-6544.
We have made a student membership available now. It is $10.00 for each student ages 12 through 18. A Snowmobile Safety certificate is required. The next training session will be at Bigfork School, February 11, and 12 from 9:20 am to 5 pm.

Jane’s Scribbles:
 The weather has been so warm that the lakes are slushy, and the swamps won’t freeze over. It’s been a difficult task keeping the trails in shape, and keeping the grooming equipment repaired. We’ve had reports of other clubs having troubles as well.
 Our club will be giving a memorial gift of $50.00 to Rich Bechner’s family. He passed away suddenly at age 65. We will miss his big smile at the Swampsider’s Clubhouse.
 The Sheriff’s Department has requested that snowmobilers watch for suspicious paraphernalia along the trails that might be used in the manufacturing of meth. If you spot any such ‘junk’ along the trails, DO NOT TOUCH it. Call Pat Medure, or the Sheriff’s Dept. Immediately at 800-458-8732. Any such debris will include empty Sudafed packages, 20# propane cylinders, Draino cans, Coleman gas ans, etc.
 It was reported that 3 snowmobilers riding on a lake, chased down a doe and killed her. This type of negative behavior reflects on all of us. Please tell your snowmobiling friends to beware of this type of activity, get the numbers off their sleds, and report them. We don’t need individuals with disrespect out there “schlocking up” what took 40 years to fight for and build. We need a good reputation to keep our trails open through public and private land, and need to keep proving that we are a group with a responsibility to our environment.
 If you plan to ride your sled to the Sportsman’s Lodge, 2-17-06, for our weekend run, meet at the Effie Café, Friday, at 8 am, and leave by 8:30 am.


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