Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Mike Hughes
All Trails Open
Since the last trails report on Feb. 8, we have had about 6 inches of snow and there is now enough snow for the groomers to operate. All the trails are groomed and are riding conditions are excellent.
Mike Hughes
All Trails Open
We are still waiting for groomable snow. There is enough snow on the trails to ride on but not enough to groom. Trail conditions are fair to poor.
Mike Hughes
All Trails Open
The groomers were out recently to pack the little snow we have. There isn't enough snow to cut and fill with so the trail surface will mimic the terrain beneath. Thus, trail conditions are considered fair.
Mike Hughes
Trails are not groomed
Although the trails opened officially on December 1, there is not enough snow yet to use them. Obviously, they are not groomed either. Pray for snow!
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